The Energy of Stillness

As much as I missed art modeling these past couple of weeks, this particular holiday break apparently did me worlds of good. Although I put no conscious effort into it, I somehow managed to become rejuvenated, refreshed, and extremely well-rested. A real “shot in the arm”, as they say. Getting lots of sleep will do that!

The debilitating physical effects of art modeling are cumulative in nature. They keep building up after prolonged periods of work. You get more and more fatigued and more “broken down” with each job. But it’s certainly possible to bounce back when given a substantial period of rest. I don’t mean one or two days off. That doesn’t cut it.

The real proof of my re-energized state became clear to me, and everyone else, at Spring Studio on Saturday night. It was my first job back after the holidays, and it was the notoriously tough, grueling 4 1/2 hour long pose drawing session. Under normal circumstances, say after a full week of steady work, that Saturday night Spring Studio slot is a punishing, back-breaking monster in an art model’s calendar. But last Saturday, I glided through it with ease. I held so still, comfortably and consistently, from 6:00 to 10:30, I even amazed myself! Not a single shift, twitch, fidget, hair brushback, ankle or wrist circle. Nothing. I was a human statue. Control and poise are crucial for an art model, but friends, I took it to a whole new level!

So this superhuman feat was possible not because I’m the art model extraordinaire or because I have rare capabilities. It was simply because I was rested and recharged from the holiday break. For those of you who think “What’s so hard about sitting still? It’s easy!”, think again. That’s wrong on so many levels. It requires a great deal of energy to sit immobile for hours, make no mistake about it. And a long pose is a true test of an art model’s stamina. That my body wasn’t stiff and riddled with aches and pains by the end of the night was proof positive that sleeping nine hours a day for ten consecutive days has its advantages!

Luckily, my friend Jean Marcellino was at Spring on Saturday and recorded my awe-inspiring performance 🙂 And she kindly sent me an image of her wonderful drawing. Clearly, she served me as well as I served her. Thanks Jean!


8 thoughts on “The Energy of Stillness

  1. dougfromcanada says:

    Wow, another wonderful work of art that shows your beauty in both body and soul. It’s nice to hear the voice of satisfaction for this sitting in your writing Claudia, I fell happy for you. I know well what you mean, long poses are often tough but when you nail it like you did it’s a great feeling.

  2. artmodel says:


    Thanks sweetie! What nice comments from you, as always. Thanks for being happy for me. I definitely “nailed it”, and will try to milk this energy and endurance surge for as long as I can!


  3. Claudia, I loved reading your point-of-view on that Saturday night pose. Your serenity certainly did infuse the whole studio, and the proof-of-the-pudding was in the array of very fine drawings that emerged in that session. I wish more of them could be on view here. Hope your peace and rejuvenation withstand New York’s usual bustle. xxx Jean

  4. lkwinter says:

    I’ve learned so much about how to admire art since visiting here, and the reddish hue in this is very strange to me, sort of quasi una fantasia, and of course beautiful. I look at a sketch like this and can’t help wonder what you are being pensive about.

    Your “about” is much relaxing to the eyes, very much you, btw.

    I caught a glance at you testing the waters. : )

  5. artmodel says:


    I was so happy to see your comment!!! You’re the best!!!! I’m glad my interpretation of that night wasn’t merely my own delusion! Here you are to corroborate. And your drawing looks so lovely here on the blog. Thanks again for sending it 🙂

    Yes, I hope my rejuvenated state lasts as long as possible. This city, plus this work, can drain you pretty fast. But I’ll do my best to sustain my energy. Lots of modeling in the weeks ahead.

    Thank you, thank you for posting a comment Jean. I’ll be seeing you soon.


  6. artmodel says:


    It’s wonderful to hear that your admiration for art has taken on extra dimension. That’s awesome!

    I’m pretty sure that the drawing was done in red conte crayon, but I will check with Jean. It creates a beautiful effect.

    You caught a glance at my “testing the waters” did you? Terrific! (I assume we’re talking about the same thing). I’m definitely going to stick with it.

    Thanks for commenting, sweetie.


  7. Jill says:


    Jean sent me this link and I am so happy for it. Your blog is the best! I can definitely relate to the burnout and needing a break. I took a year’s break and am now getting back at it. Maybe I can hold a pose for 4 1/2 hours, too! I know that’s that hardest for me, just above the “short poses” night or morning, I forgot which.

    I love your art commentary and your cat commentary and your life commentary in addition to your art modeling notes. I’ll be reading your blog — thank you for writing it!

  8. artmodel says:


    Thanks so much! It was great of Jean to send out that link. It has brought you here and, hopefully, many more art models.

    Welcome back to the scene! A year off is a long break, but I bet you’re feeling full of vigor and enthusiasm to work again. Of course you’ll hold a pose for 4 1/2 hours.

    I really appreciate your generous comments about the blog. You’re so sweet, thank you. And please comment again in the future. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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