One-Woman Show

Forget the Met. Forget MoMA. Forget the Guggenheim. They ain’t got nothing on Spring Studio in SoHo. Right now, the most anticipated and inspiring art exhibit in New York is on display at Spring, and it holds great personal significance to many in our city’s art community. Spring Studio director Minerva Durham has worked tirelessly these past few weeks to organize and curate this show in memory of her dear friend, the eminent New York artist’s model Aviva Stone, who passed away a year ago. I wrote a post in her honor, accompanied by a striking, now-famous portrait of Aviva by Fred Hatt. She was adored, admired, and respected. Over this past year, she has been deeply missed. I am glad to have known Aviva personally and can say that I never once encountered her in a mood that wasn’t warm, sweet, and positive. I also felt a kinship with Aviva in that she and I were among the few “full-timers” in the art modeling profession. We are a rare breed! 🙂

Advance reviews on the show, which officially opens Sunday, December 7th, are unanimous, unmitigated raves. One of the finest Minerva has ever assembled, they’re saying. Artists were invited to submit their best drawings of Aviva, and now they are all together in one room. I can’t wait to see it myself!

A note to artists everywhere, and pay close attention: when 30 or 40 works, by different artists but of ONE model, hang in a gallery/art space all at the same time, that my friends is a “one-woman show”. An art model’s one-woman show. Yeah, that’s right. Just a reminder that the term is not the exclusive domain of artists. It doesn’t even require a flexible interpretation of the phrase or semantic trickery on my part, mind you. What’s going on down at Spring really is a one-woman show :raises pumped fist in art model solidarity:

Raymond Smith, a New Jersey-based artist, has two pieces of Aviva in the show. You can view them here, along with the rest of his online gallery. Also, my friend Jean Marcellino has a gorgeous charcoal drawing of Aviva in the show. Just a sample of the many expressive, creative, and affectionate portrayals of Aviva Stone on display in her tribute show, this is Jean’s depiction of the legendary muse:


Visit my Events and News page for more info on the Aviva exhibit.

Online memorial site for Aviva Stone.

And Aviva speaks for herself in this video profile.

15 thoughts on “One-Woman Show

  1. I agree that this is one of Minerva’s best! I was at the opening and was overwhelmed by the amount and quality of art that begins (in the staircase) before you enter the Studio itself, and then how much more of it there was to be seen once in the space. I’ve wanted to show my work of her for years and am glad I finally had an opportunity!

    …and yes, truly, a one woman show!

  2. Fred says:

    It’s unusual and special to see a show centered around a model, with over a hundred artists represented. The styles and approaches of the artists vary wildly, but a show like this one really reveals how much a great model brings to the work. Aviva’s spirit and personality shine powerfully from Spring Studio’s walls, as well as her unique shapes!

    Let’s move beyond the old way of looking at art as the product of the artist’s talent and ego, and give the models (and other kinds of “muses”) their due. Spring Studio’s Aviva Memorial Exhibit and Museworthy both make powerful statements in this direction!


  3. dougfromcanada says:

    Claudia, what a wonderful tribute to your friend, wish I could visit and experience the warmth. Kudos to the gallery and the artists that are willing to show such a beautiful exhibition. Long will she live on!

  4. ray says:

    What a show! So many different versions of Aviva, I felt see was alive and with us there!

  5. tomaso says:

    Hey Claudia!
    I’m a model, from Italy, I’d like to know you!
    I’m working at spring studio right now and so I’m getting all the good vibes around and from Aviva..I haven’t known her but of course she was amazing! there’s a sculpture oh her there that I love…
    Please write me back on my email address..
    w THE MODELS…they will not pass!

  6. artmodel says:


    Your description of the show is getting me even more excited! If the drawings spill over into the entry stairwell of Spring Studio, then it’s pretty clear that the exhibit is nothing short of spectacular. I’m going down to see it probably in a day or two when I have time in between jobs.

    And congratulations to you for finally having the opportunity to show your work of Aviva! It must feel good 🙂


  7. artmodel says:


    To your comments, I have just two things to say: Amen, and I love you 🙂


  8. artmodel says:


    Thank you for your generous comments! Aviva was, indeed, a memorable person in our community. She is fondly remembered by many, many people, artists and non-artists.

    I personally am very pleased that one model, and her legacy, is being honored in this way.


  9. artmodel says:


    Yet another unequivocal rave! I’ve got to get down there. I bet the place is infused with Aviva’s grace, energy, and professionalism.

    Thanks for adding your review!


  10. artmodel says:


    Hi, and welcome! No, we haven’t met but I’m sure we will. Until then, I’m really glad you found this blog and posted a comment!

    Even though you never knew Aviva, believe me you are getting to know her very well just by being among the artwork of her.

    Will email you.

    Claudia 🙂

  11. ColdSilverMoon says:

    I just saw the Aviva show at Spring Street today. Really impressive body of work for a single model. It shows how much wonderful art she helped create. Thank you, Claudia, for commemorating one of our best…

  12. artmodel says:


    It’s a hell of a show, isn’t it? I saw it last week, and I was blown away by the quality and variety of the work, and by the magnitude of Aviva’s legacy. When I think of how many works of art for which she was the subject, over all her years of modeling, it blows my mind.

    Thanks for your comment!


  13. CharlesK says:

    Aviva’s birthday is this Wed July 8th. it popped up on my calendar. I’d been out of touch with her for some years but recently watched a film of her by a Japanese filmmaker that was shot in my apartment some 11 years ago. I decided to search the net and am now saddened to learn of her death. She was a warm and wonderful person and I am shocked that she is gone.

    • artmodel says:


      Thanks for sharing your feelings/memories of Aviva. She was indeed a warm and wonderful person, and a true legend in the NY art modeling circle. She is sorely missed.

      I appreciate your comments.


  14. I was looking at some old work of mine and came across Aviva’s portrait and had such warm thoughts of her. She was poised and regal and also bold. She is gone but our work will keep her fresh in our minds, the magic of art.
    new 025.jpg

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