Weekend Drawing

Whew! What a week. I am beat. Really looking forward to the weekend. Need rest and rejuvenation. And yoga! Lots and lots of yoga. It’ll do me oodles of good 🙂

In the meantime, I’m posting a drawing by Jon Rettich. Who’s Jon Rettich you’re wondering? Actually you all know him whether you’re aware of it or not. You see, the very first image I ever posted on Museworthy was a drawing of me by Jon. That same image became my avatar. (You all knew my avatar was me, right?). I posed for Jon again recently at the Salmagundi Art Club and he was kind enough to send me some images. So it’s about time we revisited the artist who “christened” this blog way back when.

Always charming, always lovely to look at, like all of Jon’s drawings, this is me in colored pencil and graphite:


See you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Drawing

  1. dougfromcanada says:

    Hey Claudia, another fabulous drawing of the muse of NYC, luv it!! You seem so alive in everything people draw of you, your life spirit shines bright as always.
    doug from canada

  2. artmodel says:


    Thank you for the sweet. warm words! My “life spirit shines bright as always” is one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard. But much credit goes to the artists, of course.

    Glad you like Jon’s drawing.


  3. dougfromcanada says:

    Good morning Claudia, you’re right the artists do get much(and usually most actually…..) of the credit and deservedly so I suppose but having a truly alive model like you to inspire them makes their work a whole lot richer in what they draw or paint – it’s a collaborative effort and you bring that richness to the stand. Have a Sunday you enjoy!
    doug from canada
    ps – how do i get an avator of me to show on these postings?

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