Kate in Gangland

For the past week, I’ve had to restrain myself from posting a frantic, hysterical post on Museworthy. Through an enormous amount of willpower, I checked my urge to do a blog freak-out. Wait. Just wait, I told myself. Don’t jump the gun. Publish art posts, and don’t upset people.

What happened is this: my dear, beloved Kate was missing for ten days! Ten long, agonizing days. I was worried sick! I was panicky and sobbing and distressed. No sign of my girl! Not one visit to her food bowl! Where was she?? What happened to her???? I was going berserk. I rode my bike around the neighborhood looking for her. Not kidding.

Well, she finally appeared on Sunday, in the driveway, acting more timid than usual. Reluctant to set foot into my garden. For a few seconds there, i was face-to-face with her, caught by surprise. “Kate!!”, I said. “Where have you been?? I’ve missed you!!”. I tried to cajole her into the back. She stared at me with a cautious eye, contemplated her choices, and then darted away into a neighbor’s yard. Poor little thing. She’s scared of something. Intimidated by something. And I think I know what it is. It’s this guy:

His name is Monty, and he and Kate were friends for at least two months. They coexisted just fine. Monty even deferred to Kate at mealtime! I thought that was very gentlemanly. But then he pounced on Kate while she was sleeping and booted her off the property. Kate was pissed. She swiped at him good. Monty is generally a very cool cat. He’s an extrovert and quite handsome. He just started getting in Kate’s face.

Now I suspect that Kate is fed up with him and has either been evicted from the premises in some kind of feral cat turf war, or voluntarily gone into a self-imposed exile. She’s banished! And I am not happy about this. Not one bit. Cat behavior is hard to figure out. One minute they are sharing their space in harmony, the next minute it’s like “West Side Story” out there.

Here’s an old picture of Kate back in friendlier days, when she was “top cat” and Monty wasn’t being an aggressive dick:

I’m going to monitor the situation and see if Kate is able to reclaim her rightful status. I know that another neighbor puts out food for the ferals, so I assume she’s eating over there. Kate!! My angel!! Come back!! I’ll protect you! Mommy misses you 😥

8 thoughts on “Kate in Gangland

  1. ray says:

    Try to get rid of the male. He mite be trying to mate with her. Try to get her in the house. Give it time and it should work out. Refer to othercat owners , cause I domt know much about cat behavior.

  2. Brian says:

    Hey Claudia,

    If Kate hasn’t been “fixed”, I’ll bet she’s been knocked up…I had a female cat once go through the same thing – disappeared for days and then just showed up all scratched up like she had been in some kind of a fight (Cat sex, apparently, is a pretty rough affair)…within a few weeks she was clearly pregnant. It happened a second time as well (my cat was such a slut)…funny how pets resemble their owners!

    I hope you like kittens!


  3. exbrun2 says:

    I feel for you, Muse.

    I have four cats as roommates- three males and a female. All three of the males stalk, hunt and pounce upon Milaslava, the female. It’s quite unfair, really. As a result Mila is somewhat paranoid, doesn’t like to be picked up or held, and generally cries a lot. She does quiet down when I pet her (without picking her up – see below.)

    One of the males (by the name of Moose) is usually her friend (similar to Monty and your Kate’s previous relationship.) They lie together on the bed and groom one another. However, when Moose gets hungry, he takes out his food frustrations on Mila by grabbing her and smothering her (Mila is 11 pounds and Moose is 22 pounds.) I have to shoo Moose away and make sure Mila knows that male #4 (me) won’t hurt her. It usually doesn’t matter- at this point she just wants to run and hide and no amount of kindness on my part improves her mood. I feel quite bad for her…

    I fear that Mila would behave as Kate did and run for her life when the three boys decide to be mean to her. Consequently none of them are allowed outside to so one runs away or gets lost chasing their sister away.

    I hope Kate comes home soon and decides that you can protect her from the misbehavior of Monty. Good luck with your pretty Kate and please keep us updated.

  4. artmodel says:


    Unfortunately, I can’t do anything if Kate doesn’t come around. She’s being very elusive. I’m just getting concerned now about the upcoming winter and cold weather. Kate will need her shelter.


  5. artmodel says:

    Brian, thanks!

    Very dirty cat talk there in your comments. Naughty boy!

    No, Kate has not been fixed, at least not by me. Doubtful by anyone else. But there haven’t been any cat “in heat” noises for many months around here. No howling at night or anything of that nature. So I can’t know yet if she’s knocked up.

    I’d be more than happy to take in Kate AND her kittens! But Kate is a difficult cat to deal with. She’d have to be physically trapped, as she is unsociaized and very feral. Isn’t she far too beautiful to be living like a wild, homeless stray?? It breaks my heart.

    Thanks for your input.


  6. artmodel says:


    Mila is adorable!! Thanks for the picture. Sounds like you have a lot of cat drama going on there. Not to be sexist or anything, but see how males harass females, even in the animal kingdom? Damn bullies. 😆 (just kidding around).

    But yes, cats are unpredictable. Your cats’ behavior is similar to Kate and Monty’s. One day they are friends, the next they are bickering. I hope Kate and Monty can work out their differences. I actually like Monty. He’s not a bad guy. He just gets on Kate’s nerves.

    Thank you for your warm wishes, and I will keep everyone posted. Right now I just want Kate to return to her old routine and be the permanent resident of my garden that she once was.


  7. fred says:

    If you can catch them, maybe you should get both of them “fixed”.

  8. ray says:

    To catch her , put a box like shelter outside with some of her belongings that she can pick up her scent. Along with may be some of yours. A little food and drink to would help. Make it familiar and comfortable .That should help.


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