Is that a Chill in the Air?

We’re at that seasonal weather stage here in New York where it’s pretty cold in the morning, moderately warm during midday, then drops to cold again at night. Mind you, I’m not a winter person at all, so for me, 62 degrees is freakin’ cold!!! I can’t help it. I was born a July baby 🙂 Now where’s my Indian Summer??

As far as I’m concerned, once you have to go for that extra blanket at night (which I did yesterday), the weather is officially COLD. That’s my criteria. So I say, BRRRRRRR!!!

Just so you all don’t think I’m a freak (probably too late for that), I can offer evidence of at least one other individual who concurs with me that nippy autumn weather is upon us. Allow me to present “Oscar”, the ubiquitous anatomy skeleton of the National Academy School of Fine Arts. He was so chilly today during drawing class he had to put on his wool hat:

4 thoughts on “Is that a Chill in the Air?

  1. lkwinter says:

    You and me both; the sun is baking here nine months out of the year, and it never rains, so when the cold snap comes……..I feel like I’m gonna die!–I ball into the fetal position in my bed for three solid months with three blankies and no heater since I’m so perversely unwealthy…

    Thank you, btw: look at me, I made it into your rather impressive blogroll; I feel like, little, yet at the same time, so kingly now. : )

  2. artmodel says:


    I’ve conjured up the most adorable images of you curled in the fetal position under a snuggly pile of blankies 🙂 I love blankies! As for heat, mine works well generally, except when that whole “paying the bill” thing gets in the way.

    No thanks necessary for your insertion into my blogroll. You belong there, friend. Wallow in your kingliness.


  3. Brian says:

    Looking at Oscar, I guess you could say that he was “chilled to the bone”…

  4. artmodel says:

    Good one, Brian!! 😆

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