Busy as a Bee

So here I am, home on a Saturday night with my laptop – and a glass of wine – at my fingertips. Why am I not out socializing and carousing and painting the town red? Because I’m dead tired, that’s why. Although the Marathon is over, my own careless booking practices gave me eight consecutive days of work without a day off. It’s my fault. It all could have been avoided if only I had simply turned the page in my planner and took an overview before I wrote stuff down. But alas, I didn’t. And now I’m jammed up the wazoo, with a precious few hours to myself.

So I wanted to blog a little and check in with all of you, and give you a quick rundown of my current situation. I’ve decided to present it in one big run-on sentence. For the record, I HATE run-on sentences. They offend my punctuation-addicted soul. But my brain feels like an omelet and I’m not sharp enough to write my usual perfectly-constructed prose and dazzling narrative 😉 So read it if you dare . . .

After two weeks the Drawing Marathon came to a close at 6:00 last night Royalyne the model coordinator held traditional little “ceremony” for students faculty and models and thanked everyone and all the models individually gave us each a flower and a hand-written card said personal words about all of us for me said I was the “Picasso model” and a hard worker then I hugged and kissed Roxy and Stanley and Shari and Graham and ran off uptown to meet my mother and brother for a family dinner and quality time together catching up got home late slept like crap then got up early for a full day of drawing classes at the National Academy morning class hard work negative space exercises and blind contour so I gave them negative spaces and some good active gestures had lunch break at 12 went to bank to cash check bought veggie sandwich on Madison petted a Golden Retriever returned call from art model Piera who needed replacement for Hunter College gig went back to National for 1:00 class more short poses 20 one minute gestures putting on a show then fell asleep on hallway couch during long break curled in fetal position got roused by monitor summoned me back into room “chop chop!” instructor needed me for anatomy demo stood next to skeleton showed off my clavicle and my rib cage twisted on command bent knee on command ended with long 30 minute pose in chair and came home. Tomorrow get up early for morning session at Spring Studios then go to Fred’s place in Brooklyn for some photography after that stop at Whole Foods do some grocery shopping get the good couscous come home hopefully some stretching get to sleep early back to Studio School by 9 AM for regular semester classes.

Was that a Jack Kerouac On The Road kind of thing or just an annoying, mindless monologue? Well hopefully you all got the gist of it. But I wouldn’t dare leave you all with nothing but my inane, unintelligible ramblings. I’m not that cruel! Here’s a little Matisse for you. This is Acrobats:

See you soon, friends. And I promise to be more lucid! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. lwayswright says:

    Thats a beautiful piece of art! And, I am snuggled up with my puppy blogging on a saturday night as well. must just be a tired saturday!

  2. Ron says:

    Actually, although you probably violated every rule of grammar in existence, that longlonglong sentence did a very good job of describing a very hectic couple of days.

  3. artmodel says:


    Glad you liked the Matisse. It’s a lithograph I believe.
    Your Saturday night sounds really nice! Nothing wrong with a snuggled-up Saturday.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂


  4. artmodel says:

    Ron, thanks!

    I normally detest that kind of writing and now, hypocrite that I am, I’ve crossed over to the dark side. But it’s at least an accurate depiction of my hectic condition these days. Glad it did the trick! In the future, however, I will be sure to obey the rules of proper grammar 🙂

    Good to hear from you!


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