Vignettes of the Drawing Marathon

The New York Studio School Drawing Marathon is winding down. Only three more days to go. Every marathon is a unique experience, each one different from the others. I’m very lucky this semester to have been assigned to the marathon class taught by Graham Nickson, the Dean of the school, and to be “co-posing” with two terrific models and friends, Roxy and Stanley. Our trio is holding court in the big drawing room, with other marathon classes taking place upstairs.

Of course, I’ve had my trusty camera with me, and have been snapping pictures on my breaks. Besides being an addictive little toy for myself, the camera really enhances my blogging by bringing you all closer to my daily work environment and experiences. And ain’t that just dandy!

On a long break the other day, I wandered around the school and noticed that every model was either texting or talking on a cell phone. Especially the male models. Case in point. This is Stanley, talking on the phone while still on the platform! He didn’t even get up from his spot:

Walking around some more I find Bill, another model, crouching in the corner of the second floor gallery talking on his cell phone, trying to be all clandestine about it. I caught you, Bill! BUSTED!

But Roxy . . . sweet Roxy. No mindless cell phone gabbing for her. She took her writing journal to her favorite spot out on the fire escape. I think she spent her break in a much more meaningful fashion than the rest of us, in moments of thoughtful contemplation and creativity:

Wide shot of our room, after the students made a mass exodus upstairs for crits. They abandoned us 😥 That’s Stanley and Bill chatting, with Stanley still refusing to move his ass off the modeling set-up:

These are some of the new-fangled easels that the Studio School ordered last spring. Metal and very heavy, they haven’t been well-received. Everyone seems to prefer the tall, wooden, “old-school” ones from before:

Stanley again. Need I say more?

The students return and prepare for the second half:

Models, ready and waiting to work:

Finally, I get myself back on the platform. For a while there I forgot that I’m not the official photo-documentarian, but a working model who’s supposed to be on the job! For one last picture, I took this shot of Roxy, one of the great muses of the Studio School. She’s my friend who I love, and am always proud to work side-by-side with:

Hope you all enjoyed this little glimpse into the New York art model world. Many more things planned for the blog that I’m really excited to share with all of you. What’s on deck, you ask? Well, a very special milestone for Museworthy is just around the corner, and I hope you all join me to celebrate 🙂

7 thoughts on “Vignettes of the Drawing Marathon

  1. Josefin says:

    *** Claudia***
    ….and how I do miss my art school,
    many years ago.
    The athmospere from all the creative people,
    all the inspiration and the happiness inside to be
    able to (sometimes : ) make a good model drawing
    in charcoal.
    Thank you very much Claudia for showing this session in your
    pictures here !
    You have a good day ! Best from Josefin

  2. bobbywashere says:

    A good insight into the other side of the world I also work in (well guess other side of the easel anyway)… Drawing Marathon sounds mega…like the abstract umbrella thing going on the roof also :). I would prob feature that…

  3. Brian says:

    Cool pic’s!

    Beats the hell out of where I work!


  4. artmodel says:


    You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, the atmosphere is great, and very different than the average workplace. I’m going to post many more pictures from the schools and studios.

    Thanks for your comments, always 🙂


  5. artmodel says:


    Hi! Thanks for commenting! Always nice to hear from an artist.

    Yes, the umbrellas are very cool. Fun for the artists, and fun for the models too. The Drawing Marathon is a memorable experience, which is why I felt the need to share the pictures.

    Hope you offer more comments in the future!


  6. artmodel says:

    Brian, thanks!

    You made me laugh, like you often do 😆

    Great to see your comments on Museworthy.

  7. bobbywashere says:

    Hi again,

    Yep will subscribe your site to my RSS feed when I get back to the studio, had a good look through your blog. Like what I see and read and will comment as and when I can.


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