Spectacle in the Sky

I was traveling home after a long, tiring work day yesterday, ensconsed in my seat on the 6:19 Long Island Railroad train out of Penn Station. I wasn’t even home yet, but the unwinding process had already begun. The train rolled under the East River, as Chopin traveled through my iPod earphones. The man in the seat next to me was reading the sports page of the NY Daily News.

After several minutes of underground tunnel darkness, we left Manhattan behind, and the train emerged back into daylight, riding along the train tracks of Queens. I looked out from my window seat and was struck by the dramatic, billowing could formations of the sky. I quickly dug my camera out of my bag, in hopes I could snap a decent shot of the dazzling scene. There I was in a fast-moving train, trying to capture a memorable sky which was receding further and further away. I felt like shouting “Stop the train!!!”. But I snapped away. Click-click-click. I didn’t even check them in my camera window for fear of wasting any seconds of precious time. I just took a leap of faith that at least ONE of them would be acceptable. There were a lot of blurry ones in the set, but this one is the best. That sky was really a sight that would have inspired Monet or Turner or Van Gogh. I’d say these clouds give those blue umbrellas a run for their money!

So keep in mind that this was taken through a commuter train window – at exactly 6:39 PM. Approaching dusk. I wish all of you were there with me to see it for yourselves:

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