Visions of Nantucket

Hello, helloooooo!! Hi everyone! I have returned – happy, suntanned, with batteries recharged and spirit renewed πŸ™‚ For six magnificent days, I was greeted in the mornings by vociferous seagulls calling out into the sweet Nantucket air, cormorants flying over the harbor, and boats gently knocking into basins. Carefree dogs cavorted in the streets, hydrangea bushes poured over garden fences, and grey clapboard houses with white trim (the typical Nantucket dwelling) dotted the landscape and hugged the shorelines. In other words, Nantucket Island is a wonderful place! I don’t know why so many people hold the perception that in order to find an island paradise one must travel toward the equator. Not true! One lies just 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod. In fact, it was hard to leave Nantucket. Two or three more days would have been nice, but I will certainly cherish the days I had.

I did miss you all, my blogosphere friends. And as promised, I took lots of pictures which I will post here, my little photo album I hope you all enjoy. I just shot what inspired me, made me smile, and tried to capture images that symbolized my personal experience on Nantucket and reflect how I saw things. So here’s a little travelogue of my summer getaway. For any photo that tickles your fancy, I recommend clicking on the image for sharper detail.

The umbrellas and sunbathers of Jetties Beach:

If you were wondering if I’m the type of person for whom a picture of a seagull passes as a vacation shot, the answer is hell yes! Here’s my little pal:

And here’s one of his “girlfriends”:

By far one of the most popular forms of recreation on Nantucket is bicycling, and for an avid bicyclist like me it doesn’t get any better. Great bike paths winding around the whole island! I took a fabulous ride to Madaket, on the western end of the island. The weather was simply glorious.

The road to Madaket:

Though I was pedaling along very fast at one point, I couldn’t resist these interesting tree formations. I had to stop and take a picture:

Some fellow bicyclists on the road to Madaket:

Nantucket has beautiful vegetation. Cranberry bushes and wildflowers. But I was amazed at how many evergreen trees there were on the island. I loved these pinecones:

At Surfside Beach, one scoop with my hand as a wave ebbed away produced this pretty collection of rocks:

Does Nantucket have an art community? You bet it does. And like a good artist’s model, I attended an art opening at the Cromartie Gallery. Very different from the Chelsea/SoHo art scene here in New York, but charming and enjoyable all the same. Plus good wine!

This is the essence of Nantucket right here: a boat, a bicycle, and lush greenery:

The highlight of my trip was, without question, Sconset Beach. It’s been a long time since I felt so relaxed, so at peace, and so in tune with nature, than I felt lying on that smooth sand, under the clear, summer New England sky. Best day on Nantucket.

The grassy dunes of Sconset Beach:

An adorable little boy was digging a hole in the sand. When the ocean washed away his laborious work, he abandoned it. Poor kid. So I snapped a picture because I liked the blue shovel:

A memorable experience took place at Sconset Beach that day. A family of seals charmed us with their presence! Out in the water – but not very far out – they popped their slicked heads up above the water, took a look around at all of us human beachgoers, then made elegant dips back underneath. They went back and forth looking for fish, and just frolicking in the undulating waves. You couldn’t ask for more delightful entertainment than these marine creatures. I tried several times to take pictures, but unfortunately none of them worked. Even though I zoomed in close with my camera, the seals were still too far away. Plus they are not exactly animals known for holding still. I would love to have shared those wonderful creatures with all of you. The seals were undoubtedly the “stars” of Sconset Beach that afternoon! Every child was in awe of them, running back and forth along the shore, shouting to their parents, “The seals! The seals!”.Β 

All I have to offer instead is a little shorebird (a plover?), scooting around the wet sand. Do you know how stupid I looked trying to take a picture of this guy? He was so fast! I chased him around like a fool. But I couldn’t help it. He was cute πŸ™‚


Sconset Beach magically makes you feel like a kid again. Especially when you see things like boogie boards everywhere:

It wouldn’t be Museworthy if I didn’t post some dumb spontaneous picture of myself. Lying on my blanket, in a blissful, drowsy, semi-conscious state of sumer relaxation, I lazily reached over for my camera and snapped this picture of me sunbathing.Β The banana really makes it, don’t you think?

The grounds of the White Elephant hotel at Brant Point:

Historic buildings on cobblestone streets in Nantucket town:

The Nantucket landscape is full of breathtaking surprises. Look at this shot. Without the house in the background, you could think this was the Serengeti Plain in Africa. That lone tree is spectacular:

So friends, that’s just some of my trip to Nantucket. And to think I didn’t even mention the wonderful shops in town, the great restaurants with the freshest seafood and produce you can imagine, the historic sights, and also the really nice people of Nantucket, whose laid-back hospitality and good cheer I will never forget. I met many nice folks, both fellow vacationers and native Nantucket residents. Which reminds me to send out a special hello to Paul. Thank you . . . πŸ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Visions of Nantucket

  1. Leary says:

    kia ora,

    Just wanted to say i enjoyed your post πŸ™‚

    stumbled upon it randomly


  2. artmodel says:

    Leary, thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate your comment. πŸ™‚


  3. Amanda says:

    Wonderful pictures. I especially love the harbor one and the art studio. Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

  4. artmodel says:

    Amanda, thanks for commenting! Yes, the vacation was wonderful, indeed. Glad you enjoyed the pictures πŸ™‚


  5. Paul says:

    you are Most welcome…
    Thanks for my 15 seconds of blog fame.
    More mail for you soon. So busy here. 1st day of school for my 4yr old girl;
    work madness; wedding plans; hospital visits (nothing major, Lyme preventative) and still trying to squeeze the last drops of summer.
    Please keep in touch, when you can.
    Affectionately, Paul

  6. artmodel says:


    You deserve a lot more than “15 seconds”! Sounds like you really have a lot of your plate, but it’s all good stuff. And yes, try to enjoy what’s left of the summer. Up on beautiful Nantucket it shouldn’t be too hard πŸ™‚

    It’s so great to see a comment from you here on the blog. It made me happy. I will definitely keep in touch, as I hope you do.


  7. Brian says:

    Hey Claudia,

    Welcome back! Thanks for the pics…boy, do I miss the East Coast!!! Also, I’ve noticed that you’ve really got a knack for taking interesting pic’s…always very well balanced, pleasing to look at, nicely framed, etc…although, I must admit – the one with the banana has me confused (which end is which? – laughs).


  8. artmodel says:

    Hi Brian!

    Thanks for the nice words about my spectacular, mind-blowing photographic skills πŸ˜† No really, sincere thanks. I appreciate it. I try my best, and hope to only get better with my trusty little Canon. I foresee many more pictures on the horizon for Museworthy, and it’s nice to know you’ll be looking.

    As for the banana, I ate it about ten minutes after I shot that picture. Maybe I should have taken a picture of that instead? Me eating a banana. S-E-X-Y!! I’m sorry. That was rude and low-class. Forgive me for being such a naughty girl πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Great to hear from you, Brian.


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