Kate Update

Back in June I posted about my garden cat Kate, and since then a couple of people have inquired as to how she’s doing. I’m happy to report that she’s doing great! Like all cats, she sets the boundaries and makes the rules. They’re so different from dogs.

My original goal was to develop enough trust with Kate so that she’d eventually come live inside the house. But I’ve decided to abandon that idea, since she’s pretty content living outside like a feral creature. She hangs out with her cat friends – other ferals in the neighborhood – and she sleeps in and around the shrubbery, swipes playfully at bumblebees and crawling beetles, catches mice, and eats well. She’s living the good life. As a break from regular cat food, I treat her every once in a while to a can of tuna or sardines. When she sees me emerge with the can, she meows in eager anticipation. She’s so cute!

I tried to take pictures of her the other day but she was a difficult bitch about it. I guess she’s camera shy – the complete opposite of her caretaker! 🙂 Here’s the best one I was able to manage:

And here is my solution to the salmonella tomato scare we had here in the U.S recently. (Or was it jalapeno peppers?). Actually, I grow tomatoes every summer. This year’s crop isn’t nearly as good as last year’s, not sure why. But this sucker, once it ripens, will be pretty tasty with some olive oil and basil. Bon appetit!

9 thoughts on “Kate Update

  1. Josefin says:

    You are so WOW Claudia : )
    The most gorgious little cat you show
    on the picture : )
    How cute can a little cat be ???
    Those most wonderful pets we can think of !!!
    So cute !!!!!!!!!!!

    Always when I visit your blog
    it gives me joy , deep interest like the Picasso painting of this woman
    and Turner who has been one of my favorites for many year.

    I do understand your feeling when visiting the Met and standing in front of the
    Picasso painting. Like when I am in Rom , Italy , stood face to face
    to one of Modigliani’s portrait of a young girl’s face. Or when I just of a sudden
    found a wonderful black and white big book about Tina Modotti ; ”A fragile Life”
    ( and this was on sale for not many dollars ( crowns in Sweden , because
    it was at MOM in Stockholm, Sweden : )

    The Portrait your mother made of you was gorgious too!!!
    Is your Mother an Artist there in New York ???

    You like the Greece inspirations in the kitchen Claudia : )
    This is a great taste to make different food – variations on.

    It’s like your soul , are more European than American in your way of seeing things
    in your sensitivity mind !!

    Hugs from Josefin

  2. […] Museworthy. Posted by dougrogers Filed in […]

  3. artmodel says:

    Doug, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! That’s awesome!!!!!!!! Cute, funny, and clever!

    Thank you for that!! You’re wonderful! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  4. Rory says:

    Beautiful plant! With some mozzarella cheese too? Mmmm…

  5. artmodel says:


    Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts and observations, and your incredibly kind words about me and my blog! I’m so glad that visiting Museworthy brings you so much joy.

    Yes, Kate is an incredibly cute cat. As photogenic as she is, she’s even more adorable in person. I will keep taking pictures of her and posting them, and hopefully she will be more cooperative!

    It’s funny that you mentioned Greek cuisine, because people think I’m Greek. Actually I am Armenian. The food is similar. Armenian food is especially delicious, and healthy.

    My mother is an artist. She studied art at Hunter College here in New York, back in the 50s. These days she draws regularly down at Spring Studios, one of the places I work. I appreciate your compliment of her drawing, and she will really like reading it herself!

    Nice to hear from you, as always, Josefin. Thanks again for your warm and generous comments.


  6. artmodel says:

    Rory, oh yeah. Mozarella cheese would be delish!

    The plant is good, but the yield this year isn’t as abundant as last year. But I have a couple of beauties.

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. karen.j.cosme says:

    wow. if that cat’s eyes are really that green, it may be part korat. if she’s still ‘small’, she probably is. what a find. did you bring it in for the winter season? lucky you if you did, because she’ll love you forever.

    • artmodel says:


      I looked up the Korat and I see the resemblance in the eyes. Beautiful cats! Kate was living in my garden for a time but left me to go across the street 😥 She didn’t like having to share territory and co-exist with my other cat, Monty. But I see her from time to time slinking around neighbors’ yards. She crosses over once in a while to pay a visit to her old stomping grounds. She even hung out on my stoop for an hour one afternoon.

      I very much wanted to bring her inside and tried to make it happen, but it was to avail. Not meant to be I guess. What’s most important is that she is still living on the block and looks healthy and gorgeous as always. I’m certain she is being fed regularly by my neighbors.

      Thanks for posting a comment!


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