Sculpture Rhythm

I haven’t posted a video in a while, and this one is well worth sharing on Museworthy. My sculptor readers especially will appreciate it. It’s from California based sculptor Marco Cochrane. Set to some groovy, upbeat music, it shows the progression of a dynamic figurative sculpture. The pulse and energy of both the pose and the creative process are palpable. Really amazing. I, for one, would love to know the logistics of how he worked with his model.

So enjoy the “Bliss Dance”!


10 thoughts on “Sculpture Rhythm

  1. Jeff says:

    Very nice piece, thanks for sharing.

    As for the process: Chances are, the sculptor took pictures of his model for this piece – that’s not a pose that could be held for long enough. My guess is he probably had some sculpting sessions with the model, probably some at the beginning, but mostly at the end of the process. In between, I bet he worked mostly from the pictures and probably from anatomy references as well.

    There are a few sculptors who can do work like this without a model, but I’d bet money this one was done with a model, and I’d also bet money that photographs were used for much of the process.

  2. Josefin says:

    ****Dear Claudia****
    This video was good to look at
    and I even did enjoy your Matisse blog.
    I would love so much,
    to work with my clay in larger size, hudge sizes : ) smile
    but right now I do not have the studio for the larger ones.

    I am thinking of , taking a trip to the US ( from Sweden)
    to Pa where I have a friend : )
    and there is a good flight from Stockholm passing Island ;Keflavik
    and landing on John F Kennedy

    I have just landed on BWI earlier and I am a little scared
    of the hudge one JFK.
    Tell me a little about JFK please : )

    Best // Josefin

  3. artmodel says:


    Yes, I would bet that photographs were involved. And I think Marco worked from a model for sure. What I was wondering, though, is if they worked piecemeal – individual body parts and sections. The whole pose is definitely difficult, almost impossible, to hold in full for any significant length of time. But maybe they did an arm, a leg, the torso, etc, separately. I’ve heard of some sculptors working like that.

    I don’t know Marco Cochrane, but I’m half-tempted to email him and ask!

    Glad you enjoyed the video.


  4. artmodel says:


    JFK is a big, busy airport! I haven’t flown out of it in quite a while. I wouldn’t worry about it at all, but what are your concerns specifically? Not sure if I can be of much assistance, but I can try.


  5. babahr says:

    Miss C,

    Cochrane has some photos on his website showing how he sets up his models. Check it out:


  6. artmodel says:

    Bob, thanks!

    I had quickly bookmarked Marco’s website right after i posted the video, and barely had a chance to peruse it as carefully as I’d like. I viewed a lot of his work, though, among which were some beautiful poses! I’m going to explore deeper to find out about the process.

    My readers are so helpful, and so much smarter than me!

    Nice to hear from you again, Bob. Hope all is well 🙂


  7. Josefin says:

    ***Dear Claudia***

    It was because of you , showing this Video on your blog
    we all were able to look at the great work by the artist

    The Sculptor Marco Cochrane

    Thank you !!!!

    Best // Josefin

  8. lkwinter says:

    I watched a new movie with John Malkovich about a guy named Klimt, and I completely thought of you.

    What an absolutely intiguing life your living!

  9. artmodel says:

    Josefin, you’re very, very welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I sure did!


  10. artmodel says:


    Wow, thanks for calling my life “intriguing!” It definitely has its moments 🙂

    That’s a new movie with John Malkovich? I’m not aware of it. I should check it out.


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