Just a Number . . .

::The 40 year-old woman boogies into the room. Raises her hands over her head. Snaps fingers. Bounces to the beat. Shakes her money-maker::

Helloooooooo!!! Greetings friends! Did you miss me? I sure missed you guys. What have you all been up to? I’ve just been doing a little thing like turning 40. And you’ll be happy to know that I’ve emerged from the ordeal unscathed, untraumatized, and wrinkle-free (so far).

I posed at Spring Studios on my birthday, a booking I actually requested of Minerva a few weeks back. And it was a wise decision on my part, because there’s no better way to cope with such a birthday than by doing the thing you love most – the thing that gives you joy, inspiration, and which you have a profound passion for. Many of my artist friends came down for the auspicious occasion: Dan, Fred, David, Eleni, Bernie, Peter, Larry. And Minerva brought out a cake! We all had a really good time 🙂

To show my appreciation for my artist friends’ support and good wishes – and just for seeing them sitting out there in the “audience” – I did really the one thing an art model can offer- personalized, “targeted” posing based on individual preferences. So I stood for Dan, reclined for David, and twisted into a pretzel for Fred. It’s wonderful to know people so well and therefore be in a position to fuel their artistic inspiration. Like I always say, art models are givers, not takers.

After work, I met my family for a fabulous dinner at a SoHo restaurant. We ate voraciously, and I got fairly lubricated on wine. Woohoo!

As if I haven’t received enough beautiful birthday presents, my dear friend Fred Hatt sent me some of his sketches from my birthday posing session at Spring Studios. As you can imagine, they mean a great deal to me for symbolic reasons. They chronicle my first art modeling at 40! And I spit in society’s eye as I posed. I was defiant and noncompliant. Laughing at everything sexist and restrictive and retrograde. Asserting my reality as it IS, rather than what it “should” be.

So thanks to Fred’s observant eye and fast hands, I have a record of my work on that special day. And I have to say, it looks like I’ve still got it. In other words, still museworthy! Thanks Fred, for the pictures. You’re the best 🙂

Here are some quick poses:

Life is good . . .

12 thoughts on “Just a Number . . .

  1. Jeff says:

    Happy Birhday, Claudia… glad you had a good day. Those are really nice sketches – I’m so jealous of artists who can do quick sketches and have them look like that. When I draw a short duration pose, I always end up with chicken scratch, or a fairly nice elbow or similar insignificant piece of the whole.

    Anyway, glad you’re sounding like your typical, confident self and thanks for posting those drawings.

  2. artmodel says:

    Thanks Jeff!

    It was definitely my pleasure to post those drawings. I’m so glad Fred sent them. Yes, he can certainly produce an energetic figure drawing from a quick pose. And they capture the model’s gesture so well. Gesture is everything.

    Great to hear from you! Thanks for commenting.


  3. tanaudel says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. D says:

    Woohoo! Congrats on turning 40! Sounds like you had very good birthday. 😀
    Coincidentally, I requested a booking for one of my favorite groups (of mostly animators and cartoonists) on my 40th bday last August. I “targeted” my gestures at this audience by donning a cowboy hat and boots, belt with holster, and a toy gun, and had a blast in the Wild Wild West, till I went down in a gun fight with an imaginary enemy (I came back to life, though :P). Loads of modeling (and drawing) fun. I continued my birthday over the weekend by traveling to meet friends old and new in…NYC! Boy, I wish your blog’d been online then, because I would have loved to say a quick hello if you’d had the time. You’re a great example that 40 ain’t anywhere near “old”. 😉

    Really enjoying your blog,

  5. robert bent says:

    Happy Birthday…belated as this may be!!!
    Saw a picture of you in an past edition of Artist mag. today. I thought, “I actually know who that person is……….”

  6. artmodel says:

    Tanaudel, thanks! Nice to hear from you again 🙂

    And D, I’m so glad you wrote. Your cowboy pose sounds like it was great fun! I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Effort and imagination are always appreciated in the art modeling world.
    Yes, I wish Museworthy was online when you were in New York. That’s too bad! You said it was last August? Damn. Museworthy started in September. Bad timing. A hello would have been very welcomed.

    Thanks for your support for my 40th. It’s really nice to hear. Glad you’re reading Museworthy!


  7. artmodel says:

    Rob, hi!!!! Missed you sweetie.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Belated is just fine.

    I bet that picture you saw of me in the art magazine was Dan Gheno’s drawing? It was in an issue last fall. Am I sitting and leaning forward? That’s probably it. Glad you saw it! 🙂


  8. Terrell says:

    Hey, Happy Birthday to you. I’ll be sharing your exact experience in about 2 weeks, as well. 40 isn’t so bad is it? I’m only happy to be there. I’m glad you got to experience it doing something you love. Not sure what my plans are yet, but if its like your’s, I’ll be grateful. You know, many models in my portfolio are over 35. I’d like to do more over 55, which is the oldest female I’ve done. I think there is some real class to the silver age generation that we’ve overlooked.

    Enjoy. It only gets better from here.

  9. artmodel says:


    Thanks for the birthday wishes! No 40 isn’t so bad. I was less than enthusiastic about it in the weeks prior, but now that it’s come and gone, I’m calmed down 🙂

    I’d say that 40 for a woman is a little different than 40 for a man, let’s face it. But my circle of friends have shared with me such positive and reassuring thoughts these past few days, which really helped me cope. They’ve been wonderful, as have my blogging friends like you.

    Your idea about photographing older women not only sounds great but makes perfect sense. They must be terrific subjects.

    Enjoy your 40th, Terrell! If it turns out to be as joyful as mine, you’ll love it. Like you said, I was fortunate to spend mine doing the thing I love. It made all the difference.

    I really appreciate your comments, and Happy Birthday to you in advance!


  10. Sheramy says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Claudia!

    You know, there aren’t many women of ANY age who have the body-confidence you do. That alone makes you not only museworthy, but very qualified to snap your fingers at 40!

  11. artmodel says:

    Sheramy, thanks!

    Your comments are so sweet and generous. I will indeed keep snapping my fingers, all the way to 50 and beyond! I just wonder how long my body confidence can hold out 😕 But rather than think about that, I will live happily and confidently in the present.

    I really appreciate your words.


  12. robert bent says:

    You’re right….that was the artist’s name and you were sitting. Beautiful.

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