I’m so glad now that I have my cool new digital camera, because I can document all the unique experiences, peculiarities, surroundings and chaotic goings-on in the daily life of an artist’s model.

Like today, for example, there I was at Spring Studios, posing for the afternoon drawing session, when these four idiots walked in and asked to speak with Minerva, the director. They wanted to audition for work as art models. They did. But Minerva decided not to hire them, because they were a little stiff:

Better luck next time, you clowns! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Interlopers

  1. Ron says:

    But at least they should have no problem standing still as long as necessary.

  2. J Alan says:

    I’ve always had this concept for a shoot……of a beautiful model surrounded by mannequins with legs and arms askew surrounding the model who is deep in thought.

    I think Minerva missed the opportunity 🙂

  3. artmodel says:


    True, but they still need to work on their flexibility 😉

  4. artmodel says:


    That’s actually a really interesting idea! Leave it to a creative, artistic soul like yourself to come up with such a concept.

    So glad to hear from you. I’ve missed you, friend. Thanks for commenting!


  5. forestrat says:


    I have been reading your blog for several weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m pretty much an outsider when it comes to the art scene so it is fasinating to hear your candid accounts of life on the inside. Thanks.

    By the way, did you ever see the Simpsons where Homer becomes famous for his “outsider art”?


  6. artmodel says:


    Thanks very much! Always nice to hear that a reader is enjoying the blog. And you’re an “outsider” no more, because Museworthy is bringing you inside!

    No I did not see that Simpsons episode. I’ve seen many, but not that one. Darn. Sounds funny!

    Glad you posted a comment, and hope you do again.


  7. Betty Blade says:

    Hi Claudia;

    Glad the mannequins worked out at Minerva’s.

    I found them on Crosby Street and dragged a few back to Spring Studio.

    I have OCD and some contamination fears – and the flakey white paint on their

    smooth acrylic bodies was setting off a few bells when I carried them back.


  8. artmodel says:

    Betty, not to mention the awkwardness of walking through the streets of New York with lifeless torsos! But that’s a short distance from Crosby to Spring, so you were safe 😉

    I think Minerva should also get a new skeleton.


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