Five Centuries of Women in Art

Women, women, women. Can’t live with them, can’t create great art without them. Right guys? 😉 If you don’t believe me, watch this fantastic video that has been viewed millions of times on YouTube. A beautiful montage, it covers 500 years of famous female portraits and portrait details from the great works. See how many you can recognize. I did ok, but was stumped on a few. I see Botticelli, DaVinci, Raphael, Durer, Ingres, Manet, Renior, Matisse, Picasso. Hey, wait a second! How come I’m not in there?? Dammit.

I’m surprised Vermeer isn’t there. And Madame X is missing!! Oh boo hoo!!! Now my whole weekend is ruined! (sarcasm, folks). Would like to have seen Frida though. That’s an oversight I sincerely miss. And Degas would have been nice too.

But who cares. The video is creative, inspired, and lovely to watch. So enjoy “Women in Art”!