The Cat Who Lives in My Garden

She appeared a few weeks ago. Slinking through the bushes. Peering out from behind the garage. Stalking birds and squirrels to no avail. At first, the mere sight of me sent her fleeing for her life. Then I started putting out food for this sweet, angelic, homeless little cat. Now she knows who I am – the lady with the food – but still she keeps her distance; cautious, wary, on the defensive, confused as to why this person is filling a food and water bowl, pestering her to come out and play, and flinging pieces of freshly cooked chicken at her.

Friends, I LOVE this cat. I truly love her. But she doesn’t love me yet 😦 I’ve named her Kate, and she and I are in a “dance”. A dance of trust. I talk to her gently and lovingly, but she won’t let me get close. Kate is content to live in my garden, and seems to understand that it is the safest, most welcoming place in the neighborhood for her. She will keep me company out there while I garden, but from a distance. She will hang out while I deadhead my flowers, but from a distance. She will eyeball me as I fill the food bowl, but from a distance.

I really must get a more substantial social life or something because I’m obsessed with Kate. I worry about her at night when the tomcat bullies seek her out for lascivious activity. I worry about her now as New York is melting in a scorching heat wave. I worry about her being mistreated by a callous cat-hating neighbor. What if something happens to her when I’m not home?? Ok, so I have some paranoid tendencies. Or just a melodramatic weak spot for helpless creatures. Kate!! I’ll protect you!!

With my brand new digital camera, I snapped some pictures of her, which is hard to do with this skittish, easily spooked cat. I just wanted to share them with all of you. I’m not great with the camera yet as it’s right out of the box and I read maybe one and a half pages of the user guide, so bear with me! I’ll get better, I promise. By the way, it’s a Canon PowerShot SD1100 digital ELPH. And it’s blue and really cute! I’ll be bringing it to work with me to take some modeling/posing/art class pics to post here on the blog.

Here is Kate snuggled in her favorite spot behind the fern:

Lounging by the sundial:

Kate is cool. Kate is my feline sweetie. I don’t know where she came from, or what circumstances led to her living alone and abandoned. But something brought her to me. To my backyard – the smallest one on the block. Snug, cozy, full of sheltered little corners.

And here are some other test shots, some plants and flowers in my garden. For now, this is Kate’s “home”.


Purple geranium: