Art Model Funnies

I bought the licensing rights for some cute cartoons from Cartoon Stock. While I browsed their inventory I figured why not type in “artist’s models” and see what comes up? In my opinion, it’s the ideal profession for cartoon humor and lampooning. And sure enough, there were many cartoons in that category! I couldn’t believe it. So I ordered and downloaded a few I think you’ll all get a kick out of. They address some real truths about this line of work! I’ll post a few now and save the rest for “Cartoons, Part 2”.

From Mike Baldwin:

From Baloo Rex-May:

I love this one from Nick Baker. It’s the Mona Lisa giving Leonardo daVinci the finger when he turns his back 😆

And a great one from Gordon Gurvan featuring Matisse’s famous Blue Nude:

2 thoughts on “Art Model Funnies

  1. Great, I am looking forward to the next lot.

  2. artmodel says:

    They’re on the way 😉

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