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Helloooo friends! Something screwy is going on here at WordPress. Pages are taking forever to load, server is messed up, and I’ve been trying to get a post up for the last hour and I can’t get the images to go in. And I had like five! So I’ve decided to give up for now. Boo hoo! ::goes off to sulk in the corner:: Well, I am a user, not a user so I’ll just have to deal with it. I’ve saved a halfway prepared draft, so at least I’ll have something to revise and work with when I try again tomorrow. It sucks because I have a really cool post to share with you guys. I feel bad. Oh well.

What I can do is type away “image-free” and offer a little update on Museworthy’s place in the blogosphere, little tips, and things I’ve learned over the past few months. If any of my fellow bloggers find this even slightly helpful then that’s great. And if they have their own experiences with this stuff, I’d love to hear it.

I’ve recently signed up with BlogCatalog, and so far it’s excellent. Good quality blogs on there for the most part. Fun discussion forums, groups, and very helpful and supportive members. Like all bloggers, I check my stats regularly, and I’ve gotten very good traffic from BlogCatalog. Even better, I’ve discovered some terrific blogs that I personally enjoy very much and am happy to have found.

I’m also on StumbleUpon, which is a websurfer’s dream. I can’t say I’ve gotten much traffic from StumbleUpon though. From what I can tell, it’s more a website geared place than a blog place. But oh the things you can find on there! So if you don’t mind watching hours of your life disappear while you’re glued to your computer screen, missing important events, never answering the phone, and neglecting things like eating and sleeping then StumbleUpon is for you! It is tons of fun. Not the greatest blog traffic generator. Not in my case, at least.

Delicious is ok. I use it exclusively for bookmarking and nothing else. No networking or sharing or anything like that. But it’s very useful, especially for someone like me who likes to save a lot of stuff. I prefer to keep my bookmarks there than in my browser. Traffic for Museworthy? A little. It appears in the WordPress stats referral section every once in a while, that’s about it.

I was on Technorati for a short time and the most bizarre thing happened with that site. Museworthy, by some miracle, has always ranked very high on Google searches. And that makes perfect sense because I get an enormous amount of traffic through Google. With all the art images on my blog, Google Image brings many people to Museworthy. I realize they may just be grabbing the image and leaving, but it’s still exposure, and that’s fine. But once I got registered with Technorati, Museworthy became buried in Google. It was weird! I tested it a few times and it was like my blog barely existed. Very strange. So I bolted Technorati. After some research on the Web, I found that I was not the only one to have this problem. It was reassuring to find that out.

Now onto Digg. I was all ready to get on Digg, but I heard awful things about it from some trusted friends. They said it was a snarky, bullying place with a lot of obnoxious jerks. That is soooo not my thing. Also, I heard that the submitted articles are very “tech” oriented, and that it’s not really the place for arts, literature, culture, etc. So I figured to hell with it. As much as I want to do right by Museworthy, I don’t want to force it upon an inhospitable crowd. Let’s face it, not everyone can get into a story about Salvador Dali. I understand and accept this.

But I am happy to say that Museworthy traffic has gone up considerably over the past couple of months, and it’s great because I enjoy maintaining this blog so much. Somehow, it has found its niche. And that’s what it’s all about. I have the best readers, the BEST! I promise to keep doing what I’m doing if you guys keep reading.

One more little nugget of info I should share; I’m considering starting another blog! I don’t know for sure, it’s a possibility. But I conceived this idea and it excites me. So stay tuned!

Love, hugs, and kisses . . . .

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