How Does My Garden Grow?

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all well. How am I you might be wondering? Oh, just fine. Entering the art model’s brief May “intermission” from work. Spring terms are coming to an end, and summer sessions don’t start until June. This is the “in between” time. So I have to cope with just sporadic job bookings over the next couple of weeks; non-school places like Spring Studios, where I posed on Monday night, Salmagundi Art Club where I’m posing next week, Brooklyn Artists Gym and a couple of private jobs. While I await new schedules from SVA, the National Academy, and the Studio School, I have to make do with not-so-steady work for the time being, and I’ll try to do so without moaning. Or feeling restless. Or missing the work I love. It won’t be easy.

But I suppose it’s nice to have some totally free days this week and next. How do I fill the time? Gardening is number one on my list. As of now my garden has that untended, unmanicured, wild, overgrown rainforest look. And I kind of like it that way! Here in New York we had several days recently of robust rainfall, and all growing things have flourished as a result. It’s the enchantment of spring; seeing budding leaves burst open into full green foliage at an accelerated pace, in the sumptuous growth that occurs right after those nourishing rainfalls. Plants grow that were never “planted”. Branches extend aggressively as if to say, “Prune this! I dare you! Sucker.”

So my garden is my priority for now, although I could garden in the nude to keep art modeling on my mind. The neighbors will love that, right? Oh, they can just think of it as the subject a great work of fine art: “Nude with Gardening Gloves”, or “Nude Woman with Hand Shovel”, or “Weeding Nude”, or “Nude Being Stung by Yellow-Jacket”, or “Figure Study with Squirrel”. 

As long as I can maintain the garden in such a way that preserves the natural-looking growth brought on by the rain then I’ll be happy. Balance between order and disorder is the key (and for life itself very often). Precision trimming, controlled shapes, and neatly manicured beds isn’t exactly my style. I want to honor the rain-fed lush and let the profusion of greenery do its thing without too much interference.

Enjoy this video of the Beatles singing “Rain”. It’s one of my favorite songs, and this is considered one of the first “music videos”. Watching John, Paul, George, and Ringo frolic around a greenhouse can inspire anyone to work in their garden. And John is just too cool in his shades!


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