New Places, New Faces

Hi everyone! Just writing a miscellaneous post to share a couple of new things with all of you. I posed yesterday, for the first time, at the Brooklyn Artists Gym, a great facility located in the Park Slope/Gowanus section of Brooklyn, which provides studio workspace for local artists. It also hosts a gallery, exhibits, workshops, events, and offers many classes, including open life drawing. They contacted me several times for bookings over the past few months but I was always unavailable. I felt so bad saying no all the time. But we finally got it together.

I did my first booking there Saturday afternoon – a three-hour long pose, and I’m happy to say it went really well. Indulge me while I do my best ‘Sally Field at the Oscars’ impression: “THEY LIKED ME! THEY REALLY LIKED ME!”. Brooklyn Artists Gym is a friendly, laid-back place, and the artists and I shared a congenial rapport. They also brew sensational coffee! Overall it was a fun, enjoyable drawing session, and I will definitely be posing again at the Brooklyn Artists Gym, familiarly known as “BAG”. And it’s nice to add a new place to my art modeling resume.

Thursday was a short work day for me. After Daniel Atyim’s morning drawing class at the National Academy I had the rest of the afternoon free. My brother called me on my cell and told me to come on down to Canal Street and West Broadway for some live music. Live music? In the middle of the day? I’m there!! It was an event sponsored by ASCAP in conjunction with the Tribeca Film Festival; a showcase for up-and-coming music artists, called the “music lounge”. It was great fun. A hip, intimate space with a bar, comfortable sofas, videographers, music industry types, and music journalists. And why would an art model, who can’t carry a tune, doesn’t know the first thing about agents or publicists, who has not an iota of clout in any show business field – a complete “nobody”- be allowed into such an event? Because her brother is a proud member of ASCAP, that’s why 😉 My bro got me in. Otherwise, they would have kicked my puny butt out onto the curb.

Two of the performers really impressed me. And my brother. And everyone else for that matter. One of them was Jack Savoretti, a young singer/songwriter from Great Britain who sang, played acoustic guitar, and expressed some of the most poetic and sensitive song lyrics I’ve heard in a long time. His voice was strong, his singing was impassioned, and his performance was thoroughly sincere. I was very moved by it. During Jack’s performance. I sat there transfixed. The other standout artist was Jessie Baylin, an L.A. based singer, who performed with her great band. Jessie has a charismatic stage presence, unique sound, and her engaging personality shines through with charm, humor, and individuality.

Both Jack and Jessie have music coming out and upcoming performance dates. If you’re interested in new music talent, check out Jack Savoretti at MySpace and Jessie Baylin at MySpace. I for one will definitely be following their careers.

This is, of course, a visual arts centered blog, and it will stay that way. But I am planning to incorporate music in the future. After all, the expressive power of music rivals that of painting and drawing, and the uplifting effect of creative inspiration is universal among all art forms. Museworthy is evolving, my darlings! To start, I think I’d better buy the WordPress Space Upgrade so I can get some mp3s on here. Let’s see where I can take this. Should be interesting! A little Beethoven anyone? Charlie Parker? Beatles? Jimi Hendrix? Stravinsky? Billie Holiday? Stay tuned, my friends. Love you all!

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