A Provocative Pair

As if I wasn’t proud enough to be an art model, two fellow models in Great Britain have just made me even prouder – and a little jealous! They are Tom and Magdalena, and they have started up remarkable life drawing sessions to re-create erotic and sensual poses in the spirit of Rodin. The sessions are wonderfully (and appropriately) called Rodinesque. Now I have worked doubles at Spring Studios, but they were nothing like this! These incredible models are inspiring and expressive to the max, and what an extraordinary opportunity they provide for artists; to draw a male figure and female figure posing intimately with each other. And because they are such talented models, they are able to communicate a range of moods and passions; sexual desire, deep feeling, dynamic body movement, and a lot of tenderness too. Way to go guys!

To see Tom and Magdalena in action, click on the above link and then go to “Rodinesque Poses” in the sidebar.

One thought on “A Provocative Pair

  1. Rodinesque Poses – WOW! I looked at them and all I could think was – OMG, how are they going to hold THAT pose?!?!

    I guess that kind of thinking officially makes me a professional life model.

    I had to reread the blog post – Oh, yeah, I guess those were sensual/erotic poses. I just thought they would be really difficult to hold.

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