Apple Joy, Art Ecstasy

Readers . . . I’m back! And I missed you all so much. What a week it’s been. I thought I was merely taking a quick hiatus to tweak the blog and plan out my new ideas. But in the midst of all that, my computer went kaput ( a moment of silence, please, for my dear departed old Mac. It served me well for a long time).

So on Monday morning, after sitting for standby at SVA, I walked into the Apple Store in SoHo, and and let out a sigh of relief. The black T-shirted Mac geeks were there to greet me, and I thought, “Save me, boys! Save me, my darlings!”. And they did, my fellow cult members. So for those of you who care, I am now equipped with the brand new MacBook and, more importantly, the smooth, gorgeous, brilliant Leopard 10.5. Wow, what an operating system. I’m a little obssessed. My head is spinning with wild dreams and possibilities! It’s pretty fun.

On top of all this, I am also hooked up to what is apparently a very new high speed connection known as FIOS, courtesy of Verizon. Something to do with fiber optics, which basically means I have no understanding of how it works. But I can tell you categorically that it is fast!!  

Even though I’m still setting up and organizing, I wanted to say hello and post for my regular readers. And I’ll offer you a little something more than just my “I got a new computer!” boasting: a reminder of what Museworthy is all about. Here, without backstory or commentary (for a change) is the perfect work of art to reflect my current mood, my hip new upgrades, and the overall pizzazz and excitement of my new start. And best of all, it’s a work by one of my very favorite artists. You all know it well. This is Jazz by Matisse:


3 thoughts on “Apple Joy, Art Ecstasy

  1. redstarcafe says:

    Congratulations on your MacBook! That Matisse really captures the feeling. You’ve started with Photo Booth. Looking forward to see what else you invent.

    Saving up dollars here to do the same…

  2. artmodel says:


    Good idea. I’ve got to say my MacBook is super cool. Highly recommended. And I plan to do more things for myself and the blog.

    I’ve been saying for well over a year that I want buy a digital camera. Can’t believe I still don’t have one, especially in my line of work where I see so many images I’d like to capture; paintings, drawings, and even scenes or passing moments of my daily experiences and escapades. There’s so much out there.

    So the camera is priority number one on my list of next purchases. Will be a huge enhancement to my new Mac, and a lot better than Photo Booth!

    Thanks for your comments, Redstar!


  3. redstarcafe says:

    Artmodel, I can’t believe you don’t have a digital camera either! I can imagine you taking one with you everywhere you go. Especially now that the good weather is coming.

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