Blog Improvements

Hellooooooooo, friends! Hope you all had a good week. It occurred to me the other day that Museworthy is officially six months old. Yay!! :confetti comes streaming down, brass band plays: To commemorate this mini-milestone I want to tweak and upgrade some blog features. I’ve begun the process, but WordPress tech support and instrcutions are confusing the hell out of me. Plus, my visual editing function has been a problem since the beginning. Appears then disappears. Really annoying. Have to get that on track too so Museworthy can be its very best.

I’d like to bring and Digg into the mix to make it easier for visitors to bookmark and share any Museworthy posts that tickle their fancy (or the entire blog). I have registered my bookmarks with but am having trouble getting the widget into my sidebar. It’s just not showing up and I have no idea why. In the meantime, for anyone who’s interested, is currently residing in my blogroll, where you can find many more art-related posts among my other interests, such as music, animals, news, politics, photography, culture, and some of my favorite charities.

I hope we can all make connections, share bookmarks, offer comments, and create networks. I welcome all of that. Isn’t that what all this blogging stuff is all about? I think so.

Assuming I can make sense of WordPress’ advice, these additions (and a few others) should be in place soon. Until then, check in for more posts about art, inspiration, and my daily adventures. Lots more to come!

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