Art, Articles, and Models Galore

This is a powerhouse month on the newsstands – in the art section that is. Let’s call it a bonanza, shall we? (I really just wanted to use the word “bonanza”). This afternoon I was wasting time before my FIT job browsing the magazines in the Borders bookstore on 7th Avenue. I got a nasty paper cut leafing through a stupid InTouch Weekly or Us Magazine or Life & Style . . .one of those tabloid rags, can’t remember which one. Serves me right for reading that trash. Bad Claudia! (Is it sooo terrible that I feel even an ounce of genuine concern for the plight of Britney Spears? I’m worried about that girl!).

Anyway, undaunted by my life-threatening injury I pursued more magazines, and headed into the Art section for more quality nourishment. And what a terrific surprise awaited me! I became positively giddy at the sight of familiar artwork by artists I know – friends and instructors I work with – gracing the covers of two major magazines. It was exciting! And I did a little dance in the aisle ::cha cha cha::

My dear friend Sam Goodsell is featured in this month’s “American Artist”, with his prize-winning painting “Threshold” right on the cover. The article is excellent and there are many images of Sam’s work in the pages; all pastels, all done over the years from some of the best models at the Art Students League. I especially like Sam’s painting of Suli, a model I know, and his beautiful depiction of the wonderful Leticia and Esteban in a warm, gentle embrace. They are two talented, charismatic individuals who have inspired many, many artists throughout the New York schools. They are well-regarded, and deservedly so.

Then, I instantly recognized the unmistakable work of Sharon Sprung on the cover of “The Artist’s Magazine”. Again, a fascinating and very informative article with stunning images.
It was especially interesting for me to read because in it Sharon discusses both her approach to working with models (so integral to her art) and how she conducts her classes, for which I have posed several times and am quite familiar with. In fact, I am booked to pose for her National Academy class in just three weeks time, to begin the fourth quarter. I really look forward to it, and I’m already anticipating what they have in store for me. From the gratifying, supportive experience of working with Sharon, to the shared excitement of watching the students’ canvases evolve over the two weeks, it’s a booking I treat as one of the highlights of my modeling schedule. Terrific, first-rate class, always.

Also in the same magazine, is an article on Nicki Orbach, yet another art instructor I’ve had the pleasure of working with many times. I’m currently posing for her Saturday morning painting class. Nicky is truly beloved by her students, and her enthusiasm and positive, cheerful energy is contagious. She encourages experimentation and boundless creativity. Whenever I’m posing for her class and listen to her comments and suggestions, I’m almost inspired to pursue art myself! Nicky awakens that confidence in people.

Both of these magazines are the April 2008 issues, so they should be on the newsstands for a few weeks. I’ve got mine. Check them out, and get inspired. Ciao, friends!

3 thoughts on “Art, Articles, and Models Galore

  1. babahr says:

    Glad you liked the article. I loved writing it–Sam’s a great guy. And his pastel looks so wonderful on the cover–one of my all-time favorites. Interactions with people like Sam make my job worthwhile..

    bob bahr

  2. artmodel says:

    Bob, thanks so much for commenting! I’m glad you found your way to my blog post. The article was really great and I was more than happy to acknowledge it. Sam is a close friend of mine, and given his biography, his personality, his art medium of choice, and his dedication, you have the makings of a very special profile, which you articulated perfectly.

    And you are so right about his pastel on the cover. It looks amazing!

    Great work, Bob.


  3. Angel says:

    Nicki Orbach, 1955-2016

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