Posing, in sickness and in health

Well, I made it back to work! Luckily the whole week was not a bust due to my bout with the flu. I only cancelled two days. The Wednesday night session at Spring Studios was my first venture back to the modeling platform. I warned Minerva ahead of time that I was still recovering, so if I seemed less than energetic and looked like death warmed over, she’d know why. Although I was under the influence of TamiFlu, and a truly abnormal dosage of Vitamin C, the session went pretty well. Since it was all quick poses, I had concerns about getting dizzy or lightheaded or losing my balance. That would be a wonderful sight, wouldn’t it? Flu-stricken shivering art model falls off the stage in front of the class! Nice.

But I managed ok, and went on to pose the following day at Century Club, and then two sessions at the National Academy. Now I’m pretty sure I’ll be in top shape for the Wolf Kahn pastel workshop on Sunday.

I came upon an old image file in my computer. It made me smile because it is quite apropos, so I thought I’d share it with all of you. It’s a pencil drawing of me by Jon Rettich, and it was done well over a year ago at the Salmagundi Art Club. The real facts are that this drawing appeared in the first ever Barebrush calendar AND hit a milestone by ranking as the “most-viewed” image that month. Cool!

I look at it now, and it makes me think of the state I was in earlier in the week; lying in bed, face in the pillow, messy hair everywhere, weak with flu. Now I was in perfect health when this drawing was done, but if I use my imagination and play with the image by visualizing myself not nude but in ratty sweatpants, layers of shirts, with crumpled up tissues in my hands and a thermometer by my head, yep, that was me a few days ago! But I think you’ll all enjoy it more AS IS . . .


4 thoughts on “Posing, in sickness and in health

  1. Elaine says:

    How wonderful for you that this image was featured in the Barebrush calender and was the most viewed. It’s a lovely rendition and it does seem appropo given your recent bout with the flu. Your description of you lying in bed with the ratty clothes, tissues and thermometer are riigth on. You are the perfect embodiment of a dedicated art model.

  2. artmodel says:

    Elaine, why thank you for your generous comments! You are very sweet. Your warmth and compliments are the sort that, let’s say, only a mother could write! πŸ˜‰

  3. clemmerl says:

    Ah great drawing πŸ™‚ Flu’s been going around here in Philly as well. Thanks for the post!

    – Lee (Drawn in Black)

  4. artmodel says:

    Lee, you’re quite welcome. Glad you liked the drawing. Thanks for commenting, and thanks also for the link to your terrific blog! Really nice work on there. I will be checking it out regularly.

    Hope you’re enjoying Museworthy!


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