Flu Blues

Hello friends. Normally, I’m pretty good with the descriptive comic book sound effects here on Museworthy. But I am suffering with a nasty flu, and I’m not sure if there is any sound effect that can accurately convey this misery. Any combination of moans, wails, and fever-induced stupor noises will do. “uuuuhhh!!!! oww – grrr – :sob,sob: aaaurrrgh . . . . mmmm- uh -uh-uh, waaaahhh!” Eh, none of those are right. Just think “agony”.

I don’t know what happened to me. I worked all day on Saturday at the National Academy, and while I was feeling a little tired and run down from a busy week, it never occurred to me that I was in the early stages of flu. Went to bed before ten, and woke up on Sunday morning totally stricken – so weak, so disoriented, so feverish, so unbelievably riddled with aches and pains. You know you’re seriously sick when you are soaking wet from sweating, and still feel freezing.

Had to cancel my work day today, which some of you may know breaks my heart. I despise doing that. But my Mommy brought me soup 🙂 Now I’m going to see my doctor this afternoon at 3:15. He will probably prescribe me antibiotics. I want to write more for you all, but my headache is starting to rage again and (this you won’t believe) my body – my allegedly strong, flexible, energetic body which provides me with my livelihood – is right now SO weak that the mere weight of my laptop is feeling too heavy to bear. Not kidding. Imagine having to pose for art modeling? Not a chance!

I will beat this soon, I promise. Flu sucks, can I just say that? Typing this post right now is really the only thing I’ve done in the past two days. That’s the truth. I will get myself and Museworthy back to normal. Right now, I have to get this “heavy” laptop off my legs. How embarassing.

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