Fun on Fashion Avenue

I was ridiculously early for work at FIT the other day. Had so much time on my hands between jobs that even a compulsive Barnes and Noble browser like myself couldn’t fill the gap without getting bored from book-perusing overload. It was a nice day weatherwise, so I strolled on up to FIT.

When I got there, I stopped in to the FIT Museum. I figured it’s about time, since I’ve been working at FIT for quite a while now and had never set foot inside the museum. And what fun it was! The current exhibit is called “Exoticism”, and while it may not blend in perfectly with the fine arts theme of this blog, I’d like to recommend it anyway. (Hey, I’m no stickler for rules) “Exoticism” examines fashion and textiles over the decades which derived influences from exotic or “foreign” cultures. A lot of Western styles with Eastern elements, a study in cross-cultural exchange. Dancing before my eyes were beads, silks, organzas, embroideries, brocades, satins and taffetas . . . really cool stuff!

I was most struck by a pair of bright red paisley, knee-high granny boots. American-designed in the 1960s, they were psychedelic and flirty and totally fun! I was almost tempted to smash the glass case which enclosed them and steal them away!
Now I wouldn’t go so far as to call them “museworthy”, but they were definitely G-R-O-O-V-Y, baby.

The Museum’s permanent collection is home to 50,000 garments, 30,000 textiles, and 10,000 fashion photographs. It’s open Tuesday – Saturday.

To remind everyone that FIT students care about more than just fashion, textiles, and merchandising, the current lobby exhibit in the D Building is a show of anatomical figure drawings courtesy of students in the Illustration Department. They looked pretty good to me, as FIT students demonstrate that they can flex their fine art muscles with the best of them. And kudos to my fellow FIT models for some pretty great bodies and poses!

FIT is a hip, dynamic, youthful, bustling college in the heart of Manhattan’s fashion district. They draw, they paint, they sew, they design, they sculpt, they illustrate, they screenprint, they market, they make jewelry, they accessorize! It’s a vibrant institution that propels and buoys the dreams of young visionaries. And I’m pretty glad to have FIT on my art modeling resume.

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