Tonal Elegance

I have been waiting for this day ever since I started this blog a few months ago. It is my pleasure and honor to post a drawing by a gifted New York artist; my friend Jean Marcellino. Creative and dedicated, Jean produces some of the most stunning and exquisite figure drawings I’ve ever seen. Not only are her creations skillfully executed, but they are, in my opinion, deeply sensual and moody. And very elegant.

Jean works regularly with some of the best models in the city. She respects us a great deal, and her appreciation of the models is evident in her work. We are human to her, not merely stuffed dolls (as we are mistakenly regarded by some). I like to think that, if many years from now, someone wanted to know who the popular New York art models were during our time, they could look at a monograph of Jean Marcellino’s drawings and see us all! Each captured as the complex, distinct individuals we are. Posing for her is always a very rewarding experience.

Jean’s website is in my blogroll, but even better is the Barebrush site, where many of Jean’s more recent works can be viewed.

I’m proud to post this drawing of me, created by Jean just last Friday morning during the long pose session at Spring Studios. What she does with light and tone never ceases to amaze:


8 thoughts on “Tonal Elegance

  1. Great artwork!
    I am also an Art Model and posing at Spring Studio had been a great experience!
    I should be back there sometimes in the future!

  2. artmodel says:

    Sarah, thanks for your comment. I’m not surprised that you like Jean’s drawing, as her work is always so impressive. Keep visiting Museworthy for more great art!

  3. artmodel says:

    Christophe, glad to see a fellow art model coming to this blog! I know exactly how you feel about posing at Spring Studios. It’s hard work in the best sense. And the artists, Jean Marcellino among them, respect us, treat us with warmth and equality, and understand our essential role in their creations. Maybe I’ll see you down there!

  4. Hi Claudia!
    I do hope so!
    All the best!

  5. robert bent says:

    Wonderful piece. Charcoal is just great to work with. How long was the pose? More than 30 mins.?
    Hope you will check my blog.

  6. doug from canada says:

    Claudia, you are a model for the ages, wonderful work of art of your natural beauty and soulful character. You obviously bring out the best in artists.
    doug from canada

  7. artmodel says:


    Thanks so much for your generous praise! This drawing by Jean is amazing, and I credit her with bringing out my “soulful character”. But if I contribute to that creative process even slightly, then I’ve done well.

    Again, your words are most appreciated. I am humbled by them.


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