Hello 2008!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Well, I’m posting a little prematurely but no big deal, right? Never too early to express joy, optimism, enthusiasm, and good cheer I always say.

I can’t speak for all bloggers, but I for one have really been enjoying Museworthy; writing the posts, sharing the thoughts and experiences, and displaying the art images. And I feel a connection with my readers, some of whom are my friends and family, some of whom are anonymous strangers, artists, and researchers, or simply Internet surfers looking for some visual stimulation. It’s all good.

What’s in store for the New Year? Who knows? I don’t make resolutions, but I’m sure 2008 will hold the creation of more art, more beauty, more inspiration, and a hell of a lot more nudity. Ah, the life of an artist’s model!

So I was considering images, and I shamelessly decided on one of myself, not because I’m a narcissist, but because it is a nude figure (always the preference here at Museworthy) and because it was done, once again, by my friend Fred Hatt. Plus it looks festive and fun and exciting; an appropriate New Year’s tribute. And since it was a killer pose for my lower back, I thought I’d bid farewell to 2007 with an acknowledgement of my hard work. If anyone wants to know how Fred and I set this up, don’t ask! Let’s just say it involved a makeshift bean bag chair contraption and a strong comfort level between two friends. Click for full view.

My sincerest wishes for all things beautiful and passionate in the New Year! Peace friends . . .


5 thoughts on “Hello 2008!!!

  1. Franco says:

    wow… beautiful artwork.. amazing!! the colors are just… crazy..


  2. artmodel says:

    Glad you like it, Franco. Yes, Fred has a way with colors for sure! His work never ceases to excite, thrill, and make a memorable imprint in one’s mind. He loves the figure. I post Fred’s work regularly here. Keep reading, and enjoy!

  3. Fred drew me so many times at spring studio and at figure works and his work was always amazing! I wish I can attach a pic on this site but I do not know how!
    He always caught my facial expressions all the time!
    What a great artist!
    If someone would be willing to tell me how to attach a picture I would really appreciate it!
    Many thanks!

  4. Hi,
    For those who want to see some artworks of me at the model go to http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=13169&l=7e1a9&id=611152541
    hope you will enjoy them!

  5. artmodel says:

    Christophe, the images look great!! Thanks for posting them. You’re a terrific model, and artists really respond to you. And you provided such a great variety of pieces. Keep it up! Thanks for coming to Museworthy regularly. Your comments and contributions are always welcome.

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