Nude Figure Fix from Robert Henri

Hope you all had a joyous, fun-filled holiday! Mine was great fun. I still have another week to go before I return to work and, as predicted, I’m experiencing an uncomfortable detachment from art modeling – the work I love. I miss it. WAAAAAAAHH! Ok, that was childish. Sorry.

But no need for me to get all twisted up and antsy. After all, I have this blog, and a nice art post should hold me over temporarily. Specifically, a nice post with an image of an exquisitely rendered nude figure. Enter Robert Henri.

What a great painter. Henri was born in Cincinnati, but ended up settling in Philadelphia. He was first cousin to Mary Cassatt, another great American artist. Henri painted a lot of life subjects, using friends, family, and people he knew as sitters, along with professional models. Always a good idea to use variety, I think. He was a member of the National Academy of Design (one of my current places of employment) and from 1915 – 1927 taught at the Art Students League in New York (one of my former places of employment). Henri was, interestingly, good friends with Emma Goldman, the famous anarchist. She even sat for a portrait once!

However, the following painting is most certainly NOT Emma Goldman. The model is Doris Trautman and I was unable to find any information about her at all. In any case, she made a lovely model for Henri’s work here, more like a nude “portrait”. His colors are amazing, and Doris has an intriguing, almost haunting, presence.


9 thoughts on “Nude Figure Fix from Robert Henri

  1. robert bent says:

    I really love that painting. It was printed in American Art Review some time ago…actually recently, I think within the last 2-3 years. You might check the AAR archives for info on Trautman.
    The style, the line, the facial expression are just wonderful.

  2. artmodel says:

    Robert, thanks for your comment! Glad you liked the post. The painting is really incredible, isn’t it? And thanks for the tip about American Art Review. I will definitely check those archives and see if there’s any info on Doris, as I would like to find out more about her, who she was, etc. Quite a model.
    Hope you keep reading Museworthy!

  3. robert bent says:

    hi artmodel-
    I am in the throws of setting up my own blog and have been “consulting” Museworthy and the links on your blogroll. I hope you will check it out sometime.

  4. artmodel says:

    Robert, absolutely will check out your blog when it’s up and running. I look forward to it! And I’m so glad Museworthy has been helpful to you in any way. Very gratifying to hear. Please keep contacting with comments and suggestions. Let me know about your blog. Will be great I’m sure!

  5. robert bent says:

    I’ve been adding to it from time to time and learning in the process. You can find it at What do you think? I have additional images to post including a number of figure studies. Thanks for your interest.

  6. artmodel says:

    Robert, visited your blog and it’s looking good! Great images. I’d say you’re off to an excellent start. I especially like your figure work, but of course I’m biased in that regard. It’s definitely an ongoing learning process, I agree. But I have found it very rewarding and worthwhile. I will keep visiting. Hope you do too!

  7. Curtis W. Fortner says:

    I am a cousin of the late Doris Elise Troutman Plenn, aka Doris Trautman. The model used by Robert Henri. I need information. Doris is buried in our family cemetery. I knew her very well. Famed children’s author!!

    • artmodel says:


      How interesting! Thanks for posting comments. This is an old blog post and I remember having trouble finding information about Doris when I was writing it. I had no idea she was children’s author. May I ask, where is the family cemetery located?


      • Curtis W. Fortner says:

        Doris Troutman Plenn is buried in the Troutman Family Cemetery, just miles from the town of Troutman, founded by her ancestors…..

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