At Work in the Studio

Art models have the good fortune to see themselves constantly through the eyes of artists. We are brought to life with brush strokes, pencil lines, shadowy smudges of charcoal and pastel, and the vivid color values of watercolor and oil paint. It’s always wonderful to see the work. It’s less often that we can see ourselves as we look posing; the way we actually look up on the platform. Now we are a pretty uninhibited bunch, for obvious reasons. But even art models have self-conscious moments. I, for one, wonder from time to time if I’m holding the pose well on a consistent basis, and worry if my arm shifted or is my back slouching from fatigue, or was my thigh turned more inward before the break, or if I’m having a bad hair day (hate those!).

So I got a real kick out of this photograph of me sent by my friend Tai. It was taken in Sharon Sprung’s painting class a couple of months ago. He took it as a reference picture for his painting. Here I am in Studio 2 at the National Academy, and you can bet that I have scrutinized it thoroughly to make sure I am projecting enough poise and strength to satisfy my incredibly high standards! (tee hee). Considering this picture was taken on, I think, the 9th day of a 10 day pose, I’d say it’s pretty good. Museworthy, baby!!


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