An Art Model Gives Thanks

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and that means one thing: a third of the population is out drinking themselves into an inebriated stupor, another third is home slaving away in their kitchens doing prep work for Thanksgiving dinner, and the last third is home lounging, resting, puttering around the house, being generally unproductive and lazy, basically just waiting for tomorrow when we can gorge ourselves on the meal someone else put great effort into. I fall into the last category. But at least I’m not watching inane television or giving myself a pedicure and foot scrub (which I could use after the last two weeks of modeling). I’m here, at my computer, blogging to my friends and readers. There are worse things I could be doing, yes? In fact, I will go one better, and use this opportunity to give sincere thanks on this Thanksgiving Eve, as I have many things to be thankful for. And it shouldn’t require an official “holiday” to force recognition of them.

I am thankful for New York City. In spite of all its maddening qualities, it is still the most generous, diverse, and exciting place on earth.

I am thankful for the art community, which has embraced me as one of its models over these past few years, and allowed me to pose for countless drawings and paintings. They recognize my hard work and let me know, which is most appreciated.

I am thankful for my mother, whose heart is warm and golden, and for my brother, the coolest guy in the universe.

I am thankful for the Beatles “White Album”.

I am thankful for National Public Radio and public television.

I am thankful for yoga and meditation, without which I would have no coping skills, no moments of clarity, and no flexibility!

I am thankful for my wonderful friends like Dan Gheno, Fred Hatt, Sam Goodsell, Jonathan Glass, Stacy Romano, and many others who like and respect me for the honest, genuine person that I am.

I am thankful for all the art model coordinators and drawing group organizers who call to book me for jobs and keep me working steadily at this profession.

I am thankful for my legs, which never fail me. They give me strength and stability, not just in my work but throughout my hectic days, getting me from place to place, transporting me faster and more reliably than any crosstown bus.

I am thankful for great artists, both past and present.

I am thankful for sunflowers and purple hydrangeas.

I am thankful for my good health, something too many people can’t enjoy. I try not to take it for granted.

I am thankful that my memories of my father are still alive and well and vivid in my both my heart and mind.

And I am thankful for a beautiful girl on the Upper West Side named Olivia. She is my 4 year-old niece (soon to be five!). She is creative, intelligent, and hilariously funny! Here we are, messing around at grandma’s house:


Happy Thanksgiving to you all! See you soon . . .

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