Weekend Workshop

Did I have a good weekend? I sure did. No, I didn’t go out partying, dancing, and gallivanting around town (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). Instead, I was fortunate enough to pose for Everett Raymond Kintsler’s two-day painting workshop at the National Academy. It was a great experience and a great honor to work with such a reknowned portrait painter like Mr. Kintsler. He’s a wonderful man. He gave terrific demos, told interesting stories, and made us laugh a lot, as he is a very funny guy! And his warm, sincere compliments about my modeling were the icing on the cake. I worked hard, and it was so nice to be acknowledged. I did a standing nude figure the first day, and a seated clothed pose for the second day. Ray’s critiques focused heavily on color values, which seem to be the key to a successful painting.

Tomorrow I start a three-week painting class at the Studio School, which I also look forward to. As I say often, one of my very favorite things about this art modeling profession is the model’s freedom to work in many different places, different settings, and with many different artists and instructors. The pace changes, the atmosphere changes, the faces, the voices, the props, the backdrops, the lighting, even the tempo and style of the class changes. The absence of a monotonous, mundane, “grind” bestows a constant freshness on this work. With each new booking, I feel renewed, reborn. Changes stave off “burnout”, and isn’t that a good thing!

Hope you’re all doing well, dear readers. Will write again very soon!

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