On Newsstands Now!

Yes, folks, I’ve hit the big time. Check out the newest issue (Fall 2007) of American Artist “Drawing” Magazine. Dan Gheno’s article on Long Pose Drawing begins on page 92, and his exquisite graphite drawing of moi appears on page 94. Dan has drawn me probably more than anyone, and this drawing of his is one of my favorites. I’m so honored he chose to put it in his article, which is, as always, informative, insightful, and beautifully written. Pages 96-97 feature drawings by Seurat; the talk of the town these days because of the MoMA exhibit.

Also in this issue, on Page 114, is an article Dan co-authored with Sam Goodsell on the life and drawings of Marvin Franklin, our dear friend from the Art Students League who died tragically last spring. He was a NYC Transit worker who lost his life in a terrible accident on the tracks. It was a shock to us all. I am lucky to have known Marvin, if only for a brief time. Dan and Sam’s article does an excellent job of capturing Marvin, both the man and the dedicated artist he was. His drawings in ballpoint pen should not be missed. My favorite is “Subway Series, Evening Rush Hour” on Page 120. While I was fortunate to have the opportunity to pose for Marvin (and loved every minute of it!) his true muse was the city itself and all its inhabitants. He saw inspiration everywhere.

Pick up this fantastic issue of “Drawing” Magazine and enjoy!

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