Long Time No Post!

Hello to my friends, family, and visiting strangers who stop by on occasion for a little Museworthy. I’m still here, of course, just immersed in a crazy busy modeling schedule that is wearing me out a bit. But a two week painting class for Sharon Sprung and her unbelievably talented gang of artists at the National Academy is well worth the exhaustion. As usual for Sharon’s class, there is a great pose, great setup, and plenty of focus and dedication. It’s no surprise that for years this class consistently produces high quality figurative art. And hey, their consistently quality models don’t hurt either! Ahem.

Anyway, during my hectic week of running around town from job to job, I actually found time today (45 minutes to be exact) to stop into the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park and see a painting of me that was hanging in the gallery. It was done by Mary Ann Viola in Dan Gheno’s class last year, and she was kind enough to let me know it would be on display. I’m always so happy when artists’ work of me gets into shows. How gratifying. And I very much appreciate it when they inform me of the exhibit so I can see myself hanging on the wall. It’s great! Mary Ann’s painting was just wonderful, done in a mixed media style, and she portrayed the strength and balance of my standing pose so well. It’s elegant, artistic, and so distinctly Mary Ann. I have posed for her many times, and I hope I do even more in the future. It’s always a pleasure!

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