Message to the Met: let us draw!

Since working as a full time time art model in New York for some time now, I’ve become pretty well-informed of the life drawing sessions giong on in the city; the locations, times, organizers, etc. I have not posed for every last one of them, although that is my grand plan; to stand on every available modeling platform in the tri-state area before I’m forced into retirement by arthritis and osteoporosis (or, even worse, cellulite!)

Anyway, I’ve always found it curious that there is no life drawing offered at the Met Museum. I’ve heard about a group which meets to study and draw from the artwork in the permanent collections, but I’m not aware of any drawing session taking place there from a live model. If there is such a thing, then my trusty grapevine has failed me!

I visit the Met website pretty often, and the museum is without question a venerable, rich cultural institution with myriad offerings: lecture series, film screenings, talks, educational programs. But when I read the descriptions of these things, it occurs to me that they all have a certain dry, stuffy, academic quality to them. Very research and history oriented. Not to mention a little hoity-toity Upper East Side … well, you know what I mean. I’m getting off point here.

It seems like life drawing within the hallowed confines of the Met Museum would be spectacular. As a life model, I have fantasized about posing for artists in the Temple of Dendur. That would be so cool! And they just finished the reinstallment of the Greek and Roman Art collection, so that would be cool too; a living, breathing model posing amidst the stone statues, munching on some green grapes and drinking wine out of an urn like a decadent freak (ok, maybe that’s a little over the top). Anyway, I think I might make some inquiries and find out why the Met Museum, of all places, seems to have an aversion to life drawing. Sure they celebrate, in their cold maze of wings and galleries, the frozen, immortalized models of centuries past. But what about those of us who are here now, in the 21st century? We can pose with the best of them! We are muses too. And people want to draw. They always will. What better place than the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Looks like a few phone calls are in my future. Probably won’t amount to anything, but it’s worth a shot.

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