A Day Without Modeling

So Sunday was my day off this week. Nothing unusual for me or millions of other people in fact. For me, though, a day off generally means three things: staying clothed, staying in Queens, and trying to stay inspired. I admit that while most people look forward to Sundays, or whatever their day off happens to be, I am always a tad uncomfortable with the prospect of a posing-free day. That empty, blank box in my weekly schedule jumps out at me like a giant void. Sure I love the rest and leisure, I’m not totally crazy! But a mild feeling of sadness and disconnect lurks in the back of my mind during off days. What am I supposed to do with myself? Ok, I’m maybe a little psychologically dependent on my job. Yes, I have an identity apart from being an artist’s model, I swear! But the work gives me so much, which is why I feel it my obligation to give so much in return.

So what did I do today? I filled my birdfeeder with more seed and I was barely back in the house before a feeding frenzy ensued. Then I went to my Mom’s house for a family get-together. It was my brother’s birthday. I asked my four year-old niece what she planned to dress up as for Halloween and she offered three answers, “Belle! And a gyspy! And a movie star!” Apparently the final decision is still pending. It’s ok, she has a month. I played with my Mom’s old, senile dog, printed something on the computer for my Aunt Iris, and looked at pictures of my late father who is deeply missed. Then we all suffered through a heartbreaking Met game which ended their season in a way one can only describe as a devastating collapse.

It’s evening now, and I’m back to work tomorrow. I see my bookings for the week: the Studio School, NYU Tisch School of the Arts, SVA, and a ride on Metro North up to White Plains to pose for a cool group of film animators who like to draw from a model one night a week. Not bad. I stretched, did some yoga, took my vitamins, and gave myself an intensive hair conditioning. I’m ready.

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