Raise your hands!

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my art modeling is not to neglect- or overlook- the significance of arms and hands in a pose. For a while I was always thinking torso, torso, torso. (Not completely my fault, by the way, since instructors are constantly referencing the torso when they teach. And I pay attention!) But I know now that arms and hands express gracefulness, elegance, emotion, and purpose more than any other parts of the body. What I mistakenly treated as mere utilitarian limbs, have now become major players in some of my best poses. And my private work with Dan Gheno has taught me a great deal about the expressiveness of hands.

This drawing by Fred Hatt features a model with unusual and interesting hand/arm placement. The model is not me (if only I were that curvaceous!), and her pose is memorable. No wonder Fred was inspired by it.


One thought on “Raise your hands!

  1. Annie says:

    I’ve never seen this work before, and it is memorable and striking. I am seldom taken by an image that I see in Google images… this time I was searching the words “hand model poses” and ran across this picture and your blog. A nice surprise.

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