Hello friends!

I have just spent an embarassing two hours setting up my blog because I am one of those ridiculous people who, when confronted with trivial “options”, falls into a state of indecision and confusion. I mean really, how significant are “widgets”? I suppose I’ll find out. For now, I’m just a virgin blogger with a slow computer and high hopes. Ok, that sounds like a bad combination! But as long as I have fun and contribute at least something useful, original, humorous, thoughtful, and personal to the blogosphere, then I will not have failed too miserably.

I’m a professional art model here in the Big Apple. I work full time and spend my days riding the subway from job to job, posing for classes, making friends in the art community, and discovering that my lifestyle and experiences are unique in many ways. Art modeling is a more rewarding profession than one might think, and I hope to share much of it with you. I’ll post drawings when I can and info about exhibitions, classes, gallery events, etc.

And now it’s almost 3:00 in the morning and the School of Visual Arts is expecting me to be well-rested for tomorrow. Goodnight all!

2 thoughts on “Hello friends!

  1. Elaine Hajian says:

    I am so impressed by your dedication to your profession. From your thoughtful and informative comments, you present a picture of the importance a model brings to the creative process for an artist. All the great artists of the past and present owe their masterpieces to the inspiration they get from the model: a la , Matisse, Picasso, Degas. You should be recognized for your work and for the
    beauty you bring to a work of art.

  2. doug - from canada says:

    Hi again, my second time commenting(first time was recntly on your 1 year birthday blog). You seem quite fascinating so I’ve decided to go back and read all your entries from the start with the hope of finding out more about you and your thots on the art of modelling. I too model, steady part time(have a full time other career), up here in Ottawa, Canada. This first entry you did is amazing, it expresses(fun, contribute, useful,etc) nicely what I also feel for why I model. Hopefully you won’t mind me commenting on past blogs, really looking fwd to catching up on your life this past year.

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